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Employer Solutions

Employer Solutions

Businesses of all sizes are recognizing the value of outsourcing payroll to an external preparation service. Payroll administration can bog down a company’s internal staff, diverting attention from activates related to developing the business. Small offices in particular struggle with ensuring that employee records and payroll information are maintained private and compliant with State and Federal agencies. FASI Financial can work with your existing payroll processor, become your payroll processor. or add your business to our partner relationship with ADP for worry-free, secure processing.

Additional Details

  • Cost – Most businesses, especially those with under 20 employees can save money by outsourcing payroll administration. Accurate reporting, and the reduction of most common payroll /HR errors will result in better accuracy and efficiency, resulting in additional cost savings.
  • Simplify Employee Management – Employee onboarding is crucial for your businesses success and sets the course for their entire stay with your organization. We work with you in aligning and supporting your ongoing employee and employer relationship.
  • Legal Compliance – A payroll service has the expertise and resources to complete hiring, termination and payroll accurately. Your business can count on a professional payroll service to meet filing deadlines and make timely and accurate required tax deposits.
  • Better Service - Payroll preparation services have a natural advantage over an internal team in providing quality service. Important factors such as access to payroll technology, expertise, and volume are at work here. Employees can count on an accurate, timely, and professional paycheck from a payroll company. They are more likely to have access to premium payroll services such as a self-service online reporting portal, mobile device tools and direct deposit.