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EZ LLC dba Southwest Drivetrain Specialists

Thank you FASI! Lynda has been instrumental in helping SDS grow this past year.
Our experience with FASI exceeded our expectations for service and flexibility!
We have great faith and trust in Lynda and her staff to provide us with top notch service.
Lynda has the ability to keep everyone happy and deliver the expected results and then some. She is
willing to go the extra mile in all that she does.
Lynda is the perfect service provider~
SDS really enjoys working with FASI!!

Judy Zaft
Southwest Drivetrain Specialists


Lynda has been very instrumental in streamlining our accounting processes. She is cool and collected in a crisis. She also has great, innovative ideas for business growth. She is a diligent “finisher” and sees tasks through to their conclusion.

Dr Stewart Agren
AllergyEasy of Arizona Inc

GenNet Consulting

I’ve been working with Lynda and her team for over a year and I am very pleased with what we’ve accomplished together. As GenNet’s business advisor FASI has helped us grow as a company with bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services. The customer service and knowledge base that FASI provides has, and continues, to be of the highest quality and one that I wish all of my business partners would exemplify.

Jason Banker
GenNet Consulting